The LTC program will run in a full-scale mode if while launching program you are registered on domain controller that is mentioned in your license file.

Before you can get a license it is necessary to create a file-request for license. This file is created automatically on LTC launching (\License\LtcLicenseRequest.TXT). By default it contains identifying information about Active Directory domain controllers of your site.
For more details refer to section Creating license file.

There are several variants to get a license on the Standard LTC version.
Getting one-month free license on full-scale Standard version
To get one-month trial license you can simply proceed to reference Get evaluation license and load a license request file.
Prolongation of temporal license
It might happen that one month will appear to be insufficient time for making conclusion on product purchase. Then you can use the following possibility. If another user while requesting LTC license will refer to your e-mail address thus pointing at you as the origin of information he got about LTC, you’ll get one bonus point. Every point corresponds to additional free 15-days license. So - if you inform your colleagues about LTC and ask them to refer to you at registration stage, you’ll “get honoured” with prolongation of one-month license for 15 days per every point. You’ll be notified about your bonus points via e-mail provided you explicitly agreed to get such notifications. Worth noting that there is no sense to refer to administrators of your site as soon as they will need licenses for the same domain controllers as you do, hence you will not get additional points. The maximum free license prolongation time that can be obtained using this way - 150 days. However if those who referred to you as the "LTC knowledge source" are purchasing licenses, you're also getting bonus points - in this case without mentioned restriction. Prolongation of licenses is carried out via section Licenses management
Getting regular license
Refer to site administrator.
Detailed information about uploaded license requests and downloaded licenses is contained in a section Licenses management