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Logical Trees Commander

Rules driven network

Why do you need LTC?
As a matter of fact LTC - is in the first turn the technology to manage networks with hierarchical catalogues. But for beginning it would be enough to consider LTC as a program for administration of networks that are based on Active Directory.

Here (on the starting page) we will not go into details and principles that are lying at the heart of LTC but simply touch on a question - for whom and for what this instrument is needed.
We are considering as consumers the informational departments that are administrating middle and large networks. For sure, the IT companies that are dealing with infrastructure projects, can be added - say, if they are involved in the network reorganization, migration to AD and so forth. If all these is about you - you should be in the course that the software placed on this site radically improves the effectiveness of network controlling. With LTC the network administrator can fulfill his job by tens or hundreds times faster and more efficient than with standard means. And that is the answer to the question "What for?"

If you've got natural questions «Due to what?» and «How to verify that?», then the answers you can find in the main site "section".
2019-01-02 LTC version (20.1.2) 64bit released.